Jennifer O'Neill

Aloha Beautiful Soul!

Understanding how your spiritual body works is the first step to understanding how to heal your physical body…

Without this knowledge sometimes it can prove to be very, very difficult. That would be like trying to repair a car with absolutely no knowledge on what parts do what to make the engine run.

Spiritually Wealthy = Spiritual Health + Wellness at the most Optimal Level

In order to achieve Spiritual Wealth these things are necessary:

The Spiritual Body Must Remain Fluid: All energy has a flow and a density (weight). When the flow of energy stops or the energy becomes thicker and more dense, it essentially blocks a proper flow. Our energy is no longer fluid. This causes a number of issues, including hindering the ability to properly rejuvenate our spiritual bodies.

Rejuvenating Our Spiritual Body: Moving new energy through, releasing old energy, and revitalizing our spiritual body, is required for optimal health. Our spiritual body naturally rejuvenates daily unless it’s hindered to do so. If we end up chronically affecting this rejuvenation process, health issues will appear.

And it’s very common for people to chronically affect this process…

Either they don’t realize they are doing it OR
Even when they do, they don’t know how to undo what they’ve done.

Here’s what you need to know (IMPORTANT):

It’s not easy to fix an issue with your energetic system when you don’t have the knowledge of how to do so…

Most of the time it takes a healer trained in this area to help you learn how to come back into balance energetically. Simply because we understand things about how the spiritual/energetic body works that others do not, and can see things affecting a persons energetic system that others can’t see, or overlook.

Once you’ve had the proper guidance and experienced your light bulb moment, it doesn’t take much to teach you how to maintain a proper balance into the future.

People who are 🚫 not trained to help with energetic imbalance:

  • Doctors who do not specialize in energetic healing
  • Friends and family who do not specialize in energetic healing
  • Anyone who does not specialize in energetic healing (even yourself).

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing — The main focus of these intuitive arts is identifying the underlying cause of any disorder, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual – energetic imbalance, and removing it.

Your body has two energy systems. There’s an energy system that encompasses your entire spiritual body, and there’s an energetic highway mapped within the physical body called meridians.

Both allow for the flow of energy, known as Qi (pronounced “chee”) or life force energy, to circulate throughout your bodies. This energy flows freely, rejuvenates and vitalizes all of the cells of the body such as organs, tissues, blood, and bones. And when it’s flowing at an optimal level, we are in perfect health.

Emotional trauma, negative events and life experiences, toxic environments, worrying, stress, and guilt, can all contribute to an imbalance in either of your energetic systems.

I’ve trained healers and specialized in the metaphysical space for over 30+ years and have worked with some of the best healers in the industry. I’ve also committed those years to becoming an expert in my field and becoming the best healer/teacher I could be.

During my career I’ve worked with thousands of clients, many of them struggling with their health. Which is when I noticed the same pattern appearing over and over again. An energetic imbalance deeply layered into their system that people were not recognizing. And even when they did recognize it, they didn’t know how to bring their bodies back into balance again. It remained, causing further health issues, frustration, confusion and hopelessness.

This is how I developed an energetic balancing technique that not only worked quickly, but I was consistently seeing amazing results time and time again.

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